Want to generate more leads 
TO GROW YOUR BUSINESS and watch your profit SKYROCKET?

Let us build your LEAD GENERATION MACHINE using Facebook™advertising  campaigns and watch the leads roll in to keep your pipeline full.

We just love creating lead generation campaigns for our clients. 

As an agency, we aren't interested in just driving traffic, we want to deliver solid results and hit your targets. We use Facebook advertising to find your target market, deliver leads and find your next sale.

Imagine focusing on your zone of genius while we unleash a flood of leads
and clients straight to your door! How about generating more sales and seeing your income soar?

We don't ask for big commitments. We won't ask you to sign-up for 12- 24 months, because we know you will be happy with the results and want to stay.

Please Note: We carefully screen all our clients to ensure that Facebook ads are going to work for their business. We don't take on clients that we aren't 100% confident that we can help.

To find out if we're a good fit, book a strategy call in with our lead strategist Holly Smith-Williams today.  



"I'm Holly Smith-Williams, founder of Blonde Bear Social and we help businesses increase sales and generate more leads for a range of sectors through effective Facebook campaigns."
If you've ever tried Facebook ads before, you'll understand exactly how much more complicated it really is - and that doing them wrong will end up costing thousands of dollars.

We're not the sort of agency that will sit on all your hard-earned cash whilst pressing the boost post button.

We let businesses focus on their zone of genius by taking the whole Facebook process off their hands. We'll establish your targeting, put together your ad creative, and then monitor and test it all until we crack the results you're after! 

We have done this hundreds of times, with hundreds of different businesses - so we are confident that they work! 

Our team consists of the top 5% of Facebook marketers in the world - so rest assured, you're in great hands!

Why Choose Facebook To Generate Leads? 
We've spoken to a lot of businesses who were unsure whether Facebook is the right path for them to find new customers. Often, they are suprised when they realise that in fact, Facebook advertsing is more cost-effective than Google Adwords when it comes to acquiring a new customer.

But here's the best reason for choosing Facebook:

• There are over 2.07 billion monthly users worldwide 
• There are 307 million users in Europe
• There are 65 million local business pages

Your customers are using Facebook everyday.

And let's face it - Facebook knows you better than you think. It knows what you're interested in, your behaviours, what you like, what websites you've been on, whether you'll click on an ad, where you live, what shops you visit, how much you earn, who you know...Facebook knows you. 

The pay off to all this is - Facebook will be able to find your customers - because it knows them too. And what's better is that they will be finding your customers when they are sat at home scrolling through their newsfeed in front of the telly.

We have the expertise at Blonde Bear Social to be able to leverage the power of Facebook's detailed data to deliver leads straight to your business.

Who We Can Help
Lead Generation 
If you want a consistent stream of new leads - we can build you a lead generating machine to get you more clients and more revenue.
We can serve: insurance, financial, medical, utilities, travel, B2B, services, telecoms, consultants and many more. Book a call to see if Facebook ads are right for your business.
Coaches & Online Courses
We know that you have great knowledge that you want to share with the world - let us be the vehicle that allows you to leverage Facebook ads and start helping more students and smashing your goals.
Whether you need to drive sign-ups for a webinar, or lead magnet downloads - we can help develop a solid strategy with tech integration and email / Messenger marketing.
Please note -  You will be quoted for the set up of your Facebook campaign and the monthly management. And you will also need to commit to investing in your own ad spend.
Ready to Work With Us? 
What Results Can You Expect?
Online Group Membership

The client wanted to drive traffic to a landing page to opt-in (with an email) to watch a motivational video series. Viewers would then have the option to join a monthly membership group on the Thank You page.

Leads who didn't purchase were retargeted with an advert containing a powerful video testimonial to prompt them to buy.

761 Leads Generated

$2.30 Cost Per Lead

39% Landing Page Conversion Rate

$1,751 spent over 6 days

B2B Lead Generation

We built a full B2B Facebook lead generation campaign taking Facebook traffic to a landing page, booking a call with embedded scheduling software and filling out a pre-call form to further qualify the lead.

In a highly competitive area, we are generating consistent qualified leads for under $20.00.

$19.84 Average Lead Cost

306 Leads 

$3.97 Cost Per Click (CPC)

$6,500 ad spend
Online Course

We developed and built a complex sales funnel for a celebrity magician and hypnotist.

The campaign includes the addition of a tripwire offer to pay for the advertising campaign. Leads who opt-in for the free video tutorials receive lots of free video content and are finally pitched the main online programme through an automated email marketing campaign in MailChimp.

396 Opted-In (Lead)

6.45% Click Through Rate (CTR)

$0.06 Cost Per Click (CPC)

$1,200 ad spend over 30 days

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